Updated  15th April 2021

 We are still closed under current restrictions.

The current ruling that includes outdoor service only, social distancing, seated service only, plus additional stringent measures make it impossible for us to provide the service we want to provide and that our customers expect.

However - High Court Judge Mr Justice Swift summoned Health Secretary Matt Hancock to answer to the high court to explain reasons why non essential shops have been allowed to operate inside some 12 weeks before pubs and restaurants are.

The Government has tried to delay the response, which would produce a delay of many months, but the High Court has expedited the case and it must now be heard before them on the week beginning 19th April.

For us as a wet only pub it is still uneconomic and impractical to open for outside use only, but a favourable ruling by the high court may rule the current roadmap illegal meaning we may be able to re-open inside sooner than expected.

Watch this space for updates and take care.