Updated 28th February 2021

 We are still currently closed by law.

Following Boris's "Roadmap" announcement, pubs

 will certainly not be allowed to re-open before mid April and

even then outdoors only whilst seated & with table service.


This is both uneconomic and impractical for a wet only pub to do

and when I tried to raise this with Gravesham MP Adam Holloway his

reply was a terse "Go Away".

So currently the first possible point to open which allows indoor use

 is mid May, but again with table service and other restrictions

Hopefully this goes to plan, otherwise we are talking mid June

 when we are supposed to be restriction free. 


We will re-open, I guarantee that, but  I think June is more realistic.

Check here for the latest updates.

Meantime take care and we hope to see you soon.